DESS® take on angled screw channel

There are numerous clinical situations where the long-axis of the implant results in an unfavourable location of the prosthetic screw access hole. One solution might be to sacrifice the retrievability and cement over the access hole or compromise the aesthetic results.


Now DESS introduce the AURUMBase® system that will allow for an angular adjustment of up to 25°. The specially designed Torx®-based screw and driver concept will retain the ability to use full recommended torque even at full angulation.

The AURUMBase®is made of titanium grade V ELI and has a anodised surface finishing that will further optimise the appearance especially in the aesthetic zone. The shaft surface also features the patented and well proven SelectGrip® for optimal cement retention. To facilitate prosthetic work using traditional casting procedures AURUMBase® pre-formed castable caps can be used. They are delivered in multi-packs of 5 pieces, in a straight version as well as pre-angled with 10° and 20°. They are designed to optimize the placement and tightening of the AURUMBase® screw with the special driver. 

Benefits & Advantages of AURUMBase®:

Angular Freedom

360° freedom in placing the canal & upto 25° angle for an optimal positioning

To optimise the possible angulation of the access hole the shaft of the AURUMBase® has been reduced to only 3mm, but with a bonding area of more than 33mm2 , bigger than other higher but sliced solutions. During the development we conducted both debonding and static Fatigue tests comparing the results not only to the standard DESS TI-Base but also to competitors’ components. A dynamic fatigue test was also conducted and passed the required 5 million load cycles. AURUMBase%20shaft.jpg

All AURUMBase® screws have a flat seat to minimise tension when there is a slight misalignement between screw retained structures and implants. A flat design is more forgiving and transfers the torque to an optimal preload of the screw. A conical screw requires a perfect alignment and centering between the screw and seat. 

Available for the following systems: