DESS® Transfer

Better precision, better retention

Transfers are used to transfer the implant position in mouth in order to be able to work on it on desktop.

The DESS® transfer is made of Stainless Steel AiSi 303 and can be used in open and closed tray. One of the main characteristics of our transfers is that they can be splinted together, achieving a better precision of the implant position once we remove the tray from the mouth.

The screw is made of Titanium Grade 5 ELI for the use with closed tray has a minimum external height in order to be used in small mouth openings. 

They has also been designed with a flat-face to avoid rotation and their design provides us a better retention inside the silicone to keep the correct position.

All our transfers include two screws for open and closed tray. The screw head has been designed to be used with different tools:

  • Specific system screwdriver
  • Flat tool (like a dental spatula)
  • Manual way

The screw head for use with an open tray has three tightening systems: vertical grooves for direct manual tightening, the hexagon, torx or UG for the tightening with a screwdriver and a slot for the use with a clinical spatula for extreme locations.