DESS® analogue

Only one analogue for plaster and 3D models

Analogues reproduce the implant system connection with unique precision.
DESS® analogues are color coded to match the original implant system categorization. As we use the same colors as the original, it is easier to platform recognition. Our colored analogues are made of Titanium Grade V ELI.

Effective round and self-locking holder in cross shape guarantees an extraordinary fixation in the plaster even when milling supports on the working model.

One of the DESS® analogues advantages is that they are suitable for 3D printed models, which means that you can acquire the same analogue to use it for both analogical and digital models.

This also traduces in having less product stock and needing less investment because there is no need to acquire different types of analogue for each model. Our analogue is available at the same price regardless of its use.

Its discrete size allows easy placement of the analogues even when the implants are very close together or not in parallel.

Some facts to remember about DESS® analogues:
  • They can be used in the plaster and for 3D printing
  • Less stock, less investment
  • They are color coded