DESS® Ti-Base

Dimensions and design ensures a stable union, reinforcing the structure of zirconium in the areas of greatest stress, softening edges and ensuring the service life of the prosthesis.

In the case of cemented prosthesis, the single abutment carries out the stump. Once tried in, it is cemented to the engaging Ti-Base to continue with the second part. With single screwed prosthesis it is cemented at the end of the treatment once the part is proven and glazed.

In addition, you also have the option of choosing between three different gingival heights to best suit your needs and clinical cases.

The SelectGrip® a patented surface lasered treatment that ensures greater adhesion of the structure with the cement. Tests made with Relyx Unicem from 3M® reveals a 5 times greater adhesion on DESS® Ti Base.

In the case of Ti-Bases and in combination with the available castables sleeve, a qualitative leap in the retention of the crown is ensured.

Models are available for most of the implant connections in diameters NP, RP and WP for both, single tooth prosthesis (engaging) and multiple teeth prosthesis, dental bridges and hybrids (non-engaging).